Update in Lung Cancer Treatment: Immuno-Oncology and Target Therapies
Oct 12, 2017
Introduced by: Dr. Carmela Pepe

Dr. David Planchard

David Planchard is Associate Professor of medicine, thoracic tumor board, in the Department of Medicine at Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France. From 1996 to 2002, he was a resident and fellow in the pneumology and medical oncology program at the University Teaching Hospital of Poitiers and at Gustave Roussy in Villejuif, France. He obtained his medical degree in pulmonology in October 2003 and his specialty oncology degree in November 2004. He joined the Gustave Roussy thoracic team on November 2006 and went on to obtain his PhD on the fundamental basis of oncogenesis from University Paris VII in 2009. David Planchard leads clinical trials (mainly phase I and II) in thoracic diseases thoracic in the tumor board with Drs Thierry Le Chevalier and Benjamin Besse, and Professor Jean-Charles Soria. His contribution allowed the thoracic tumor group to build a long-term clinical research strategy based on molecular screening. Over the last 10 years David Planchard was a principal investigator and co-investigator in more than 100 phase I, II and III trials and has published in several international peer-reviewed journals. His current research interests include genomic analysis (and high-throughput technologies) to drive lung cancer patients into specific targeted agents. Furthermore, he is a member of the national network for Thymic Tumors (RYTHMIC), the national network for Mesotheliomas (MESOCLIN) and the national network for the management of Neuro-Endocrine Tumors (RENATEN). Currently, he is also a member of ESMO, AACR and ASCO. David Planchard is also responsible for the advancement of the mesothelioma and thoracic neuroendocrine tumor research at Gustave Roussy.


Update in Lung Cancer Treatment: Immuno-Oncology and Target Therapies


  • Review of recent immunotherapy trial data
  • Update the management of EGFR positive NSCLC in the first line setting, and beyond first-line resistance
  • Discuss how recent updates affect the changing treatment paradigm in NSCLC


immunotherapy trial data, EGFR positive NSCLC, recent updates


Visiting Speakers Program in Oncology (VSPO); Oncology/Oncologie; Respirology/Respiratoire;

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From Montreal, QC, Canada
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