There's an App for That!
Oct 25, 2017

Mrs. Francesca Frati

Francesca Frati is a liaison librarian at McGill University where she provides support to the Ingram School of Nursing. Prior to her time at McGill, Francesca worked at the Jewish General Hospital Health Sciences Library and was information management consultant at the Herzl Family Practice Centre, where she implemented an innovative information prescription service for patients and families at point of care. Francesca founded and chaired the hospital-wide multidisciplinary JGH Patient Education Network (PEN), and managed the development of a database designed to help patients and health care professionals find and access reliable, up-to-date consumer health information using one easy-to-search resource. Francesca is also a member of the Information Technology Primary Care Research Group (ITPCRG) at McGill University.


There's an App for That!


A brief overview of mobile apps that have been developed for use in health care, for consumer health, patient education & self care, prevention & screening, diagnosis & testing, as well as information management, research and collaboration. Selected evidence regarding effectiveness in the clinical setting will be lightly touched upon.


mobile apps, mobile devices, consumer health, patient education, self-care, prevention, screening, point-of-care tools, appointment management, diagnosis & testing, libraries, information management,


Computers in Medicine;

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From Montreal, QC, Canada
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